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Intimate Elopement

Escape the ordinary and celebrate your love

  • 12 ore
  • Custom
  • Wherever you want :)


Escape the ordinary and celebrate your love in the most intimate and personal way with our exclusive elopement photography service. Whether you choose a secluded beach, a majestic mountain peak, a charming countryside, or an enchanting forest, we will be there to capture every precious moment of your special day. Imagine exchanging vows at sunrise with the ocean waves as your witness, or under a canopy of stars in a serene meadow. Let us turn your spontaneous, romantic adventure into a timeless story. With our elopement photography, every glance, every touch, and every kiss is transformed into an everlasting memory. Contact us today to plan your dream elopement shoot and let your love story unfold in the most magical locations.

Studio Ibex

+39 3393310223

Viale Lombardia, 81, Brugherio, MB, Italia

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